Frizzante Gelber Muskateller 2022

Frizzante Gelber Muskateller 2022

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8,90  from 6 bottles
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dry, harvest 2022, 0.75l

Histamine residual value below 0.1 mg/l
Suitable for vegans
with less sulphite – approx. 50% of the legal maximum


Alcohol: 11.6 %
Residual sugar: 18.0 g/l
Acid: 6.1 ‰
Sulfur according to test number: ca. 100 mg/l

Due to its pronounced fruit, the yellow muscatel is ideal as a semi-sparkling wine. Due to the carbonic acid, the fruit comes into its own even better and thus increases the drinking pleasure. The perfect accompaniment to any beginning celebration or event. Or just because it tastes good

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