Organic farm since 1992
Histamine checked since 2009
Vegan certified since 2013

More than just organic wine

Tolerance, quality and taste

Organic pioneer for 30 years

Our goal: to give people with intolerances the possibility to enjoy wine again. Since 1992, we have been fully certified as an organic winery and since 2005, we have been working on reducing the histamine, fructose and sulphite levels in our wines.
True to the motto “Less = More”!

Allacher Weine - WENIGER = MEHR
Allacher Weine - WENIGER = MEHR

Winery Allacher

Histamine pioneer for more than 10 years

Tradition, passion and knowledge

Histamin-geprüfte Weine Allacher

Our customers drew our attention to the topic of histamine intolerance. In 2005 we started to work intensively on “liberating” wines from histamine content.

Daniela und Rainer beim Spaziergang im Weingarten.

Daniela and Rainer walking in the vineyard.

In addition we pay close attention to the sulphite and fructose levels of our wines. So that people with intolerances can experience the enjoyment of wine again.

Daniela und Rainer Allacher wünschen Ihnen auch schöne Genussmomente!

We also wish you beautiful moments of pleasure!

Histamin-geprüfte Weine Allacher

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Bio-Weine Allacher - Weinflaschen-Bilder

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Specialties of our wines:

  • organically produced
  • Histamine level below 0,1 mg/l
  • expanded vegan
  • reduced sulphites
  • reduced fructose

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What do our customers say?

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Reviews of satisfied regular customers


"The wines we tasted were completely digestible. Luckily, as my wife suffers from histamine intolerance as well as fructose intolerance."

J. Wenzel

"I often take DAOSIN or antihistamines with critical foods… So, I was pleasantly surprised that I can now enjoy a glass of wine without having any problems."

Family Ruffing

"It’s a great pleasure for me to enjoy vegan wine without any complaints. Thank you!"

Rebecca S.
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