Vegan wine

Wine and vegan or vegan wine?

Since 2013 all our wines have been vegan and certified by the Vegan Society in Austria.

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The starting point:

Inspired by my younger sister Lisa (she’s vegetarian), in 2011 we made our first attempts to remove conventional and thus animal additions from our winemaking. In principle, wine is vegan by nature. However, in traditional winemaking finings of animal origin are used quite often. These include animal gelatin, chicken egg white (Bordeaux fining), casein and air bladders.

The difference between white and red wine

In general, our red wines have been vegan for years. As tannins are desirable in red wine, fining is not necessary. The tannin content can be controlled very well with the fermentation time and the following maceration time.

In 2012 we also produced all our white wines completely vegan. The difference to red wines is that tannins do not have a positive effect on the taste of young and fresh white wines.
Before daring to take that step we had been doing a lot of testing and tasting to see how these treatments affected the quality of our wine. Making vegan wine requires a lot of know-how.

"Producing vegan wine is more than the renunciation of finings of animal origin – it is a fundamental attitude!“

How does it work?

We harvestall our grapes early in the morning, when the temperatures are low. Cooler temperatures slow down every chemical process, including the leaching of tannins/phenols from the berry skin. We have also made some changes in the vineyard to prevent the formation of tannins. For example, in the case of white grapes we only remove the leaves on the shady side.

With these changes and the right know-how, we were able to even increase the quality. As a logical consequence we wanted our entire range of wines to be VEGAN.

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